As Weaving Earth works to support visionary, resilient leaders for the future, we carry the questions: What is being asked of young people coming of age in these times? How can we work with them as we look for the inspiration and creativity needed to transform our world? What tools and pathways can we offer them in support? The WE Teen weekend series is a nature-based exploration of these questions, held within a web of powerful relationships – to self, to each other, and to nature. Read more…


Weaving Earth is offering four summer backpacking trips for teens into the wilds of California. Rooted in the practices of deep nature connection, these trips are focused on cultivating holistic relationships to self, wild nature and community. We’ll be tracking animals, listening to the birds, practicing earth-living skills, working with fire, telling stories and exploring the magic of wild places, within and without. Come join us! Read more…


We work with a number of organizations (youth groups, high schools, environmental clubs, etc) in the co-creation of nature-based teen programs, ranging from extended wilderness trips, to day-long field trips, to on-site trainings in earth-living skills. As each group’s needs are different, whether it be marking a graduation or other transition, creating a team building opportunity, or learning how to reduce one’s footprint and live in harmony with the earth, we work closely with your organization’s leaders to customize an experience that suits your group’s needs, desires and goals. Contact us now to set up an initial consultation!



We offer a number of programs that have something for everyone in the family!

  • The Peacemaking in Practice weekend program is an opportunity for parents to learn important Peacemaking skills, while participants in the youth program engage in nature-based adventures. Read more…
  • The 9-month WE Immersion program is for adults, including parents with kids. This is our keystone offering and we have had many families come through the program in the past. If you are interested in this offering, please contact us ASAP as this program fills quickly!



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