Dave is a co-founder of the Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education. He co-facilitates the WE Immersion, provides 1-on-1 mentoring services, consults with community organizations and works with a variety of teen groups in wild places. Dave is a patient mentor and brings his love of the earth, humanity, creativity and possibility into everything he does.

At a young age, Dave Hage was fortunate to be exposed to a multitude of cultures through many years of hosting foreign exchange students in his family’s home.  It was here that his love of all things global, and his desire to know the whole earth began.  After traveling to Europe between high school and college, Dave started to gain an awareness of culture, something that is hard to see when we’re steeped within it.  It was this newfound cultural and self awareness that drove him to study Cultural Anthropology at UCLA.  And it was here where his eyes were truly opened to the immense world of possibility for the human experience.

Driven by a desire both to continue the research of human culture, and the desire to effect positive change in the world, Dave joined the Peace Corps in 2000 and became an “Agricultural Extentionist” in Paraguay.  He was trained in soil conservation tactics, forest restoration, home-scale food gardening, and beekeeping. He was charged with the task of helping bring these practices to farmers in the jungle near Brazil.  This training was his first introduction to the field of Permaculture, whose principles and ethics quickly became a passion.  During his time in Paraguay, Dave also discovered a book of teachings by Tom Brown Jr. and was inspired by the possibilities of deep nature connection he discovered therein.  It was these two fields – Permaculture and Deep Nature Connection – that led him home asking the question, “How can I apply this to my life in the states?”

It was with great fortune and excitement that he returned home to discover that four leaders in these two fields – Jon & Nicole Young of the 8 Shields Institute, and Penny Livingston, and James Stark of the Regenerative Design Institute (RDI) – had joined forces to create the first ever program to combine the teachings of Permaculture and Deep Nature Connection: The RDNA Program (Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness).  In 2005 Dave signed up for this 9-month immersion, and quickly knew that this work would be his life’s path.  After 3 years of training, Dave became a core instructor for the RDNA program, and continued to hold that role for 5 years.  In that time he also began teaching Permaculture Design Certification courses through RDI, co-running the Art of Mentoring program with 8 Shields, and operating a Permaculture Design firm.  He has since helped bring these teachings over seas, co-running the UK Art of Mentoring and teaching a Permaculture and Cultural Repair course in Germany.  Dave is a member of the 8 Shields team and is supporting people across the nation and around the world in their deep nature connection journey through personalized mentoring services.

Dave’s newest project is in bringing this important work out into the world through the evolution of his design and education firm, Weaving Earth.  He is a dedicated leader and believes deeply that the work of reconnecting ourselves with our place, with each other, and with ourselves is of the utmost importance at this time.

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