Ida works with the Weaving Earth Wild Tenders program. With passion for supporting the exploration of free and honest self-expression, she is a lover of music, a playful student of the wild, committed to the journey of listening to and acting from the heart. She has completed 3 years in the Weaving Earth Immersion, and we are grateful and excited to have her on staff for the Wild Tenders program!

Born in northeast Iowa, Ida grew up playing in the muddy creek beds and hardwood forests of her home, along with a slew of fellow adventurers. Her dedication to community and place are born out of a childhood immersed in intergenerational, community-led education. When she entered public high school her sense of loss upon joining age-specific indoor classrooms led her to search for another route, and following her love of the human/land relationship, she began attending traditional skills gatherings, eventually co-creating the Canoe Creek Gathering in her hometown. In time this brought her to Weaving Earth.

Three years spent in the steady hands of mentoring relationships at Weaving Earth brought new tools to longings she had been carrying, and the potential for human/land mutual belonging and community resilience opened wider. The power for self-discovery that lives in mentoring relationships is something to which she is now gratefully committed. Her goal is to create nurturing spaces for creative self-exploration, welcoming full expression, and helping to bring young people honest feedback and loving inquiry to strengthen their trust in themselves and the natural world.