Lauren is a co-founder of the Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education and serves as its Director. She co-facilitates the WE Immersion, works with a variety of teen and youth groups and consults widely with organizations and communities. As a designer, educator, wilderness guide and community facilitator, Lauren is dedicated to creating abundant, healthy and regenerative communities where people live in reciprocal relationships with the land and one another.

“The oak tree led me here. The earthworms on my neighbors’ driveway led me here. The feeling of the salty sea air on my face led me here. My grandmother’s love of life led me here. I take those stories and the thousands more with me, held in my heart and in my body, from my childhood in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to my adulthood in California. I come with ancestors from Russia and Italy and Scotland, and relatives from Germany and New Jersey and Florida and Colorado.

I sing on the shores of northern California where I live now, doing my best to walk and dance and work in a way that honors the relationships that exist between all of creation.”

As a Designer, Educator, Guide & Community Facilitator, Lauren is dedicated to creating abundant, healthy and regenerative communities where people live in reciprocal relationships with the land and with each other. Lauren co-founded Weaving Earth in 2007.

Lauren began studying Permaculture in 2000 at Pennsylvania State University where she completed her B.S. in Earth Sciences and Geography. She completed a masters-level certification in Ecological Agriculture from the New College of California and spent three years in an advanced, intensive study of regenerative design and nature awareness with the Regenerative Design Institute (RDI).

Lauren is a bridge person; she is able to share her love of life and deep connection to the natural world in diverse situations, bridging the invisible boundaries that keep us separated from one another. She has taught in the classroom, the garden, and the wilderness for over a decade.

Lauren spent the last 6 years facilitating various workshops and courses in Regenerative Design, Permaculture, Nature Connection, Bird Language and the Art of Mentoring with the Regenerative Design Institute (RDI) and the 8 Shields Institute She has also facilitated workshops at the Buckeye Gathering, the California Permaculture Convergence, and the Bioneers Conference.

Fueled by her passion for supporting a vibrant local food system, Lauren was on the visionary team for the urban food security project that birthed Petaluma Bounty. She also co-founded and is on the steering committee of Permaculture Marin, a non-profit organization dedicated to collaborating with local communities to teach and apply the principles and practices of permaculture as a means of furthering the development of regenerative ecologies, economies and communities.

Lauren is dedicated to supporting important life transitions for all ages. In this spirit, she supports her local community through the honoring and witnessing of thresholds and is especially dedicated to supporting women.

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