Marie is staff for the Weaving Earth Immersion. Over the last decade, she has worked alongside her community to enliven the practices of deep nature connection in her home on California’s Central Coast. She is excited to bring her experiences from home to Weaving Earth, and vice versa.

Marie is deeply grateful to be a part of the Weaving Earth staff team, supporting participants in the WE Immersion. For the past 10 years, she has studied and worked within the 8 Shields model and community. Much of her time has been spent on the central California coast helping to grow Outside Now, a sister organization of Weaving Earth. Timeless time in nature, together with the efforts and sometimes curious methods of seasoned coyote mentors has rooted her devotion to the art of mothering and cultural mentoring. Her deep love of peacemaking, those practices and ways that deepen our relationships to all of life, has evolved into a heartfelt intention to do her best to honor the path of the peacemaker. To consciously embrace her journey towards elderhood and transform the learnings of her lifetime into deep wisdom remains Marie’s aspiration.

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