Weaving Earth is excited to offer summer backpacking trips for teenagers that focus on deepening connection with the earth and cultivating holistic relationships with ourselves and to each other. In addition to their outward beauty, wild places also provide potent reflection of what is unfolding in our internal landscapes—our teen summer backpacking trips offer participants the opportunity to navigate some of the pressing questions of adolescence against the backdrop of nature, while having the adventure of a lifetime. In this time of global transformation, we are increasingly aware of the need for young people willing to step fully into who they are and to live with an awakened sense of interrelationship, authentic expression and deep care for their communities—including the wild environment. All of our backpacking trips are led by experienced mentors who are trained in the practices of deep nature connection, which seeks to cultivate reciprocal relationships to self, to others through collaboration, and to the natural world. Newcomers to backpacking are welcome to join us!


Wildland Adventure for Queer Teens

LOCATION: TBD, based on conditions
PRICE: $650-$900 sliding scale
AGES: 13-18

Wildland Adventures for Teen Boys

LOCATION: TBD, based on conditions
PRICE: $500-$750 (June trip) $650-$900 (July trip) sliding scale
AGES: 12-15 (June), 14-18 (July)
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: We are offering two trips for teen boys this summer. The first is oriented towards youngers/beginners and the second is for return participants and those with pre-existing backcountry experience.

Participants on the 2015 backpacking trip for teen boys.

Sunsets of epic proportions await next summer’s participants!