Applications for the next round of the Weaving Earth Immersion are open!

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Education for Our Times

The WE Immersion program is designed in response to a question: How do we educate for our times? If we were to distill the answer down to a single word, it would be relationship. The Immersion aims to enrich relationships with self, others and earth, in order to cultivate responses to today’s world born from a place of interdependence and belonging. The Immersion’s experiential “relational learning” model is rooted in ancient human traditions and our own biological knowing. Please be sure to read the Program Overview and Core Curriculum pages for a deeper look into this unique learning opportunity.

WE firmly believe that the competencies generated within the Beyond Boundaries track of the Weaving Earth Immersion are of critical value to the future we are living into.

Note: The Beyond Boundaries track can be taken as a stand-alone year, or can lead to continued learning in Year 2: Fire Tenders and Year 3: Bridge Builders.

WHEN: The program is comprised of 12 multi-day in-person sessions, 4 group calls, and 6 Personal Mentoring Sessions from Mar-Dec 2019. Click here for the 2019 Immersion calendar.

WHERE: Sonoma County, CA

TIME: Unless noted otherwise on the calendar, all weeks begin with dinner at 6:00 pm Wednesday evening and end no later than 6:30 pm on Sunday. The 4 group calls are on Monday evenings from 7-9:00pm, and Personal Mentoring sessions are set up individually with participants. Additionally, there are a number of intensives throughout the year that follow a different time pattern. See Calendar for details.

CURRICULUM: Click Here to see an overview of our full curriculum

FOOD: All regular weeks of the Weaving Earth Immersion are catered by Carin Mckay of Culinary Magic. This includes dinner on Wednesday, breakfast, lunch and dinner from Thursday to Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Certain special events within the WE Immersion are non-catered. Details about non-catered events are listed on the calendar page.

COST: Tuition includes catering, camping accommodations, & admission to all special events, unless otherwise noted in the calendar. Because some people have more financial means than others, we have created a sliding scale fee system to accommodate a wide range of financial realities. The high-end of the scale reflects the value we believe the program holds, and the low-end offers a more accessible entry point while ensuring we cover all costs. By choosing a higher price point you are helping make the program more accessible to others for whom the low-end may be cost-prohibitive. We also recognize that the low-end might be cost prohibitive. If this is true for you, please be in touch to begin the conversation about the feasibility of financial assistance. We ask you to self-assess the price point that is appropriate for you.

Sliding scale: $12500 – $25000

Payment plans, financing options & scholarships available. Contact for details.

FAMILIES: The WE Immersion has a concurrent youth program that is designed to support families to join the program. For details on this program, please contact to set up a time to speak with the Youth Program Coordinator.

APPLICATION: Apply online today. *Applications will remain open until the program fills, at which time you may elect to apply for the waitlist. Space is limited and we do expect to fill, so we recommend applying ASAP. 

For more information about this program, please contact to set up a conversation with one of Immersion staff members.

More on Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries is designed to awaken the full use of our human capacities. The curriculum offers a broad variety of educational material and experiential opportunities—from primitive fire making to the study of bird language, story-telling to hide-tanning, tracking to rainwater harvesting, gardening to ecological restoration, landscape design methodology to processes for community resiliency, peacemaking to tending the wild, game-playing to grief removal, natural building to natural life-cycles, and more. From inner tracking to an enhanced outer awareness, it is a living diversity of material woven into a cultural fabric for three days every week. All aspects of the program are aimed at enhancing awareness, acquiring skills, cultivating the self, and awakening connection. It’s a transformative journey, aimed at reinvigorating the tools and practices needed to help instill a resilient future for all.

What’s in a name?

In 2009/10 a group of 8 pilgrims set out on an international service journey and leadership training called “Beyond Boundaries” (BB), exploring frontiers of regenerative human living systems globally. Inspired by the visionary leadership of Virginia “Gigi” Coyle,” the pilgrimage provided the opportunity to see first-hand some of the best practices being implemented in response to our complex chapter of the human story. The BB Pilgrimage focused on Leadership, Service, Bearing Witness and supporting the cross-pollination of wisdom and resources on the planet. The ripples cast by Beyond Boundaries carry-on today, as the organization continues seeding its work throughout the world. Year-one of the Weaving Earth Immersion takes its name in honor of Beyond Boundaries in recognition of the shared work, lineage and prayer for the future.