The Journey From I to WE

Second year participants dive into a deeper understanding of the 8 Shields cultural learning basket: the operating system of the program.  These are people who want to understand the transformational cultural mentoring model they were steeped in for their first year, and want to learn how to recreate and implement it in other environments.  The second year provides participants with practical tools for bridging the gap between inspirational programming and “real-world” application.

Utilizing a diverse array of tools for cultural competency, the Fire Tenders spend 9-months co-creating a resilient, regenerative culture of connection, relationship and mentoring. They work side-by-side with the first year Beyond Boundaries group, supporting their learning journey, asking good questions, offering stories, and facilitating certain curricular pieces. The Fire Tenders help create surface area for learning, so that at every turn all of the participants, first, second, and third year alike, are running into a new learning experience or mentoring opportunity.

The training in cultural mentoring is a carefully held individual and group process. Fire Tenders arrive early to help prepare for the week, and stay late to discuss and learn from the outcomes. As people step more fully into leadership, they often quickly bump into their learning edges. Our well-trained staff, practiced in helping individuals meet their edges in healthy and productive ways, surrounds the Fire Tenders, meeting with them and supporting them throughout each week. In addition, the WE Immersion culture itself  helps support the participants, in both their healing and learning journeys.

When: August 2017-May 2018, 14 multi-day in-person sessions, 7 group calls, and 6 Personal Mentoring calls.  Please click here for a detailed look at the 2017-18 program calendar.

Where: Sonoma County, CA

Time: Wednesdays at noon – Sundays at 7:30 pm. The 7 group calls are on Thursday evenings from 7-9:30pm, and Personal Mentoring sessions are set up individually with participants. Additional intensives occur throughout the year. See the calendar for details.

Curriculum: Click Here to see an overview of our full curriculum

Food: All regular weeks of the Weaving Earth Immersion are catered by Carin Mckay of Culinary Magic. This includes dinner on Wednesday, breakfast, lunch and dinner Thurs-Sat, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Certain special events within the WE Immersion are non-catered. See calendar for details.

Full Tuition: $8950, includes catering and admission to all special events, unless otherwise noted in the calendar.

Payment plans & financing options available. Contact

Application: Applications for the 2018-19 Fire Tenders program will be opening soon.

PREREQUISITES: Completion of WE Immersion year 1 or comparable program