A Journey of Connection, Anchoring and Embodied Leadership

For those who are called to fully embody these teachings, to apply the learning in their real-world lives, and to take this model out and share it with others, the “Bridge Builders” track adds a definitive layer to the journey of connection, relationship, holistic leadership, and community competency. This track is an individually designed combination of deep nature-connection experience, real-world service learning projects, and distinct, personalized mentoring services. The Bridge Builders are the camp “scouts” who spend much of their time out on the land tracking, gathering mysteries, bringing back stories, and stretching the edge of awareness for the rest of the village. They are also the camp leaders, who are learning to notice what needs doing before it needs be done, who are practicing the skill of putting their gifts and awareness to work, and who are looking out for the greater good of the whole.

The third year program is in service to the development of leaders who are dedicated to creating a more connected, regenerative, joyful and peaceful world, the kind of leaders the world needs now, more than ever.

The Bridge Builders program is a development of the skills you’ve been embodying during your time in the WE Immersion. It will stretch you into new arenas of awareness, connection, opportunity and service. We see this year as one in which you carry the coal of what you’ve gained out to ignite the flame of what you have yet to become.

The goal of the third year is to deepen and enhance experience and competency in three primary arenas:

* Deep Nature Connection

* Service/Leadership

* Incorporation

Deep Nature Connection

“The book of nature has no beginning and it has no end.” – J. Corbett

This year is a chance to continue deepening the journey of connection to self, others and nature as part of an intentionally held culture of regenerative mentoring. We will do this through extended time in the field, exploring mysteries, researching, & bringing stories back to the Village.  Through supporting the Beyond Boundaries and Fire Tenders programs in seen and unseen ways, we will help to amplify the surface area for learning, mentoring and connection. We will be closely following the rhythms of the natural learning cycle, as well as creativity and synchronicity, trusting that nature will lead us each in the right direction.


“The Knowing is in the Doing” ~ M. Kalani Souza

This is a year of service, both to the WE Immersion community, and to the greater community. Each Bridge Builder will be choosing an area of focus (e.g. youth mentoring, Permaculture design, Rites of Passage, community organizing & outreach, etc).  You will be designing, with input from staff, a learning journey and personal project that will help bridge the gap between the program and the community at large. Through this project, the Bridge Builders will deepen relationship to each aspect of the Immersion’s core curriculum, using it as a map to better understand the self. We will explore how to stand in our own brightness while also learning to dance gracefully with the shadow.


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ H. Thurman

Often named as the most challenging part of the hero’s journey, the incorporation phase is “where the rubber meets the road.” Where does the “programmatic village” end and real community begin?  Where do your greatest yearning and the world’s deepest longing meet? The focus on incorporation in the third year will stretch you both inward and outward.  You will deepen in the journey of embodied awareness, skills, and regenerative design (of landscapes, food, community, culture, self, etc) within the village model, while focusing your attention outward to the wider world, looking at how you will design yourself into it.


Bridge Builders can expect a blend of being immersed in the village, being out on the land and in the extended community.

Additionally, there will be a number of intensives for the Bridge Builders group only. These intensives will be meant to immerse the participants in experiences such as:  Survival skills, deep wilderness experience, ceremony, and advanced leadership training.

When: August 2017-May 2018, 14 multi-day in-person sessions, 7 group calls, and 6 Personal Mentoring calls  Click here for a look at the detailed 2017-18 calendar.

Where:: Sonoma County, CA

Time: Wednesdays at 9:00 am – Sundays at 7:30 pm. The 7 group calls are on Thursday evenings from 7-9:30pm, and Personal Mentoring sessions are set up individually with participants. Additional  intensives are spread throughout the year.

Food: All regular weeks of the Weaving Earth Immersion are catered by Carin McKay of Culinary Magic. This includes dinner on Wednesday, breakfast, lunch and dinner Thursday-Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Certain special events within the WE Immersion are non-catered. See calendar for details.

Cost: $7950

Payment plans and financing options available. Contact info@weavingearth.com for details

Application: Applications for the 2018-19 Bridge Builders program will be opening soon.

PREREQUISITES: The ideal candidate for this program is someone who has completed both the first and second years of the WE Immersion (or equivalent) and who is ready to continue the learning journey in a deep, committed, curious and creative way. The ideal candidate is self-motivated, committed to inner and outer tracking, knows something about where they are in their personal journey, and where they hope to go.  They are willing to push edges and to have them pushed.